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Brandt original remote controls

Original remote control RC-1900 (30063114)Original remote control RC-1900 (30063114)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 3216 HD LED, B 2207 XHDW, B 1604 LVDX, B 1605 LVDXW, B 1903 LVDX, B 1905 LVDX, B 1907 LVDX, B 2205 LVDXW, ...Original remote control RC 4870 (30085964)Original remote control RC 4870 (30085964)Available in stock19.51 € (VAT included)BrandtFor B2418HDLED, B2422HD, B 4930 F HDOriginal remote control RC 1205 (30063555)Original remote control RC 1205 (30063555)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 1903 LD, B 1905 LD, B 1907 LD, B 2208 LD, B 2205 LD, B 2206 LD, B 3207 LDOriginal remote control RC 1910 (30070046)Original remote control RC 1910 (30070046)Available in stock21.50 € (VAT included)BrandtFor B3218HDLED, B 3216 HD LED, B 2207 XHDW, B 1604 LVDX, B 1605 LVDXW, B 1903 LVDX, B 1905 LVDX, B 1907 LVDX, B 2205 LVDXW, ...Original remote control RC 1912 (30076862)Original remote control RC 1912 (30076862)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B2418HDLED, B 4930 F HD, B 1915Original remote control RC 3900 (30068434)Original remote control RC 3900 (30068434)Available in stock21.50 € (VAT included)BrandtFor B2212LEDHDOriginal remote control RC 1063 (30050086)Original remote control RC 1063 (30050086)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 1905 LD, B 2208 LD, B 1907 LD, B 2205 LD, B 1903 LD, B 3207 LD, B 2206 LDOriginal remote control SCH001Original remote control SCH001Available in stock32.50 € (VAT included)BrandtFor B4042FHDRemote control for 255AA (MV-255AA)Remote control for 255AA (MV-255AA)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B2422HDOriginal remote control RC3902 (20539789)Original remote control RC3902 (20539789)Available in stock21.50 € (VAT included)BrandtFor B 2213 HD 2Original remote control Brandt001Original remote control Brandt001Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 3914 F HD, B2214FHD, B 3214 HD LED, B 1914 HD-LED, B1610HDLED, B 2614 HD LED, B 4028 F HD, B 1926 W HDOriginal remote control DUAL-81V2Original remote control DUAL-81V2Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor BDVDP9X3Original remote control RC1994906Original remote control RC1994906Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor 32 E 92 NH 22 WOriginal remote control JKT-62B-A1Original remote control JKT-62B-A1Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 3225 HDOriginal remote control RC 1186 (30057573)Original remote control RC 1186 (30057573)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor B 1907 LDOriginal remote control RC 800 DOriginal remote control RC 800 DNot available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor DPL 910 VDOriginal remote control RCT615TDM1 (21292450)Original remote control RCT615TDM1 (21292450)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor 27 LB 130 S5Original remote control Digital+ (ViaDigital)Original remote control Digital+ (ViaDigital)Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor DSI 130 VIAOriginal remote control RCLCDA01Original remote control RCLCDA01Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtOriginal remote control REMCON1378Original remote control REMCON1378Not available(see available equivalences)BrandtFor DTH 161 B
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