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DIUNAMAI original remote controls

Original remote control REMCON813Original remote control REMCON813Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor WD-T 352 SDOriginal remote control REMCON1161Original remote control REMCON1161Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor NIBIRUOriginal remote control REMCON719Original remote control REMCON719Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor MINI DECODEROriginal remote control DIUNAMAI RC I02 0NOriginal remote control DIUNAMAI RC I02 0NNot available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor BIOS 27", BIOS 32", BIOS 37", ZEUS-42"Original remote control DIUNAMAI RC L05 0AOriginal remote control DIUNAMAI RC L05 0ANot available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor LIFE 27", LIFE 32", LIFE 37", NEW BIOS 27", NEW BIOS 32", NEW BIOS 37"Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON246Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON246Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor 16 WD-LE 900, 19 WD-LE 1200, 19 WD-LE 1201, 19 WD-LE 1202, 22 WD-LE 1500, 24 WD-LE 1550, 24 WD-LE 1551Original remote control REMCON315Original remote control REMCON315Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor 32 WD-LE 2000, 32WD-TV8900, 40WD-TV9500, 42 WD-LE 4000, 26 WD-LE 1600, 32 WD-8900Original remote control ST-06KOriginal remote control ST-06KNot available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor H2TV14C, H2TV21C2Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON581Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON581Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor 19WD-TV6600, 19WD-TV6650, 22WD-TV6600, 24WD-TV600, 26WD-TV7500, 19 WD-6650, 19 WD-6600, 22 WD-6600, 24 WD-600Original remote control REMCON704Original remote control REMCON704Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor BLACK RED LION, WD 7000, WD 8000, WD 9000, WHITE ORANGE TIGER, WHITE SHARKOriginal remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON896Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON896Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor WD-LE 1000, WD-LE 1100Original remote control VEK-06Original remote control VEK-06Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor H2TVC14KOriginal remote control HRC-0211AOriginal remote control HRC-0211ANot available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor NIROOriginal remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON1290Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON1290Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor WD-T 350 SD, WD-T 351 SD, WD-T 353 SD, WD-T 354 SD, WD-T 355 SD, WD-T 356 SD, WD-T 357 SD, WD-T 358 SD, WD-T 359 SDOriginal remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON1343Original remote control DIUNAMAI REMCON1343Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor 19WD-TV6500, 19WD-TV6550Original remote control KP T5 C7Original remote control KP T5 C7Not available(see available equivalences)DIUNAMAIFor H2TV5101Original remote control DIUNAMAI WD-TV8850Original remote control DIUNAMAI WD-TV8850Not availableDIUNAMAIFor WD-TV8850

Replacement DIUNAMAI remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control DIUNAMAI 0452-0075Replacement remote control DIUNAMAI 0452-0075Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)DIUNAMAIFor 0452-0075Replacement remote control DIUNAMAI H2TV2002Replacement remote control DIUNAMAI H2TV2002Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)DIUNAMAIFor H2TV2002COMBO, H2TV2002Replacement remote control DIUNAMAI HRC-0211AReplacement remote control DIUNAMAI HRC-0211AAvailable in stock19.51 € (VAT included)DIUNAMAIFor HRC-0211 A
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