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Homecast original remote controls

Original remote control T3010MHPOriginal remote control T3010MHPNot available(see available equivalences)HomecastOriginal remote control HOMECAST RC32HCOriginal remote control HOMECAST RC32HCNot available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor S3000, 3000T, 3000CR, 3000CICR, 5001CICR, 5001CIHDMI, 5101CIHDMI, HT5000Original remote control HOMECAST S8000CIPVROriginal remote control HOMECAST S8000CIPVRNot available(see available equivalences)HomecastOriginal remote control HOMECAST ZEGS90501335Original remote control HOMECAST ZEGS90501335Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor HS 9000 CI PVR, HS8500CIPVR, T8000CIPVR, HS 8100 CI PVR, T 8000Original remote control HOMECAST Homecast001Original remote control HOMECAST Homecast001Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastOriginal remote control HOMECAST Homecast002Original remote control HOMECAST Homecast002Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastOriginal remote control HOMECAST REMCON062Original remote control HOMECAST REMCON062Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor T 8000 PVR, S 8000 PVR, HS 5101 CI USBOriginal remote control REMCON220Original remote control REMCON220Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor BLACKBOX-T, HS 2000 CIOriginal remote control REMCON258Original remote control REMCON258Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor S3100CROriginal remote control REMCON798Original remote control REMCON798Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor EM 1150, EM 130, EM150Original remote control REMCON821Original remote control REMCON821Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor EM320 PVR, EM300 PVROriginal remote control REMCON946Original remote control REMCON946Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor T 3010Original remote control HOMECAST REMCON1071Original remote control HOMECAST REMCON1071Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor HS 5101 CI, T 3102Original remote control HOMECAST REMCON1302Original remote control HOMECAST REMCON1302Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastFor S 3000 CI, S 3000 FTA, S 5000 CIOriginal remote control HOMECAST Homecast003Original remote control HOMECAST Homecast003Not available(see available equivalences)HomecastPhoto not availableOriginal remote control HOMECAST RCU114Not available(see available equivalences)Homecast

Replacement Homecast remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Homecast BLACKBOX-CIReplacement remote control Homecast BLACKBOX-CIAvailable in stock19.51 € (VAT included)HomecastFor BLACKBOX-CIReplacement remote control Homecast EM1150Replacement remote control Homecast EM1150Available in stock19.51 € (VAT included)HomecastFor EM 1150, EM1150Replacement remote control Homecast EM1150FTAReplacement remote control Homecast EM1150FTAAvailable in stock19.51 € (VAT included)HomecastFor EM 1150 FTA, EM1150FTAReplacement remote control Homecast EM130Replacement remote control Homecast EM130Available in stock19.51 € (VAT included)HomecastFor EM 130, EM130
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