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Nevir original remote controls

Original remote control NEVIR RC-1900 (30063114)Original remote control NEVIR RC-1900 (30063114)Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor 1006 41 60, 1006 41 64, 1006 5190, 1006 66 16, 1006 85 70, 1006 85 71, 1006 85 74, 1006 85 75, 3006 31 14, ALD 1914 H, ...Original remote control NEVIR RC 4870 (30085964)Original remote control NEVIR RC 4870 (30085964)Available in stock19.51 € (VAT included)NevirFor CELED32L0116B3, 32FH153DVD, 10098335 (49278FHDDLED), 10101706 (49287FHDDLED), 10098335 (50FLHMR249BC), ...Original remote control NEVIR RC 1910 (30070046)Original remote control NEVIR RC 1910 (30070046)Available in stock21.50 € (VAT included)NevirFor 19 H 8 L 02, LC 40 LE 510 E, 22 L 1334 G, LC 32 SH 130 E, TL-I 26 HD, DF-19LRHDG, 10076336 (DF-19LRHUDG), 22 L 1333 G, ...Original remote control NEVIR RC 1912 (30076862)Original remote control NEVIR RC 1912 (30076862)Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor 24VLM12, L 24 VC-FHTUV, NVR750232HDN-SLIM, NVR7400-32HDN, NVR750220HDN, 19LED8005TD, 22 LED 9100 BK, T50FX182LPS, ...Original remote control NEVIR NVR750242HDNOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR750242HDNNot available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7400-42 HDN, NVR7502-40HDN, NVR-7502-32 HD-N, NVR7502-26HDN, NVR7502-26HDR, NVR7502-24HDN, NVR7502-24HDR, NVR7502-22HDDN, ...Original remote control NEVIR NVR-7029TT-19Original remote control NEVIR NVR-7029TT-19Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR-7029TT-19Remote control for NEVIR 255AA (MV-255AA)Remote control for NEVIR 255AA (MV-255AA)Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor TL2804B180, ODL40360-B, 10096604 (D39F275M3C), 10096214 (L19H182I3D), 10093844 (L65F243N3CV1), 24HBC05, 10092949 (24HYC05), ...Original remote control NEVIR Nevir001Original remote control NEVIR Nevir001Available in stock32.50 € (VAT included)NevirFor NVR 7401-32 HDN, NVR740128HDN, NVR 7505-24 HDN, NVR 7507-24 HDN, NVR750722HDB, NVR750722HDN, NVR 7505-22 HDN, NVR750719HDB, ...Original remote control NEVIR NVR7030TDXT19Original remote control NEVIR NVR7030TDXT19Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7030 TDXT 19Original remote control NEVIR NVR7054TTG19Original remote control NEVIR NVR7054TTG19Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7054 TTG 19Original remote control NEVIR Nevir005Original remote control NEVIR Nevir005Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7406-43 HD-N, NVR 7406-43 HD-B, NVR 7406-39 HD-N, NVR 7406-39 HD-B, NVR 7406 -32 HD N, NVR7406-32HDB, NVR 7406-28 HD B, ...Original remote control NEVIR RC1912 (Nevir002)Original remote control NEVIR RC1912 (Nevir002)Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR750232HDN-SLIM, NVR7400-32HDN, NVR750220HDNOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR7080TTG26Original remote control NEVIR NVR7080TTG26Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7080 TTG 26, NVR 7085 TTG-32, NVR 7079 TTGHD 24, NVR 7056 TTG 22, TVD219HLED, LED1911 HDTVOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR7051TDTG19Original remote control NEVIR NVR7051TDTG19Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7051 TDT G 19, NVR 7057 TDTG 22 (NVR 7057 TDT G 22), NVR 7057 TDTG 19 (NVR7057TDTG19), NVR-7031TDXT-20Original remote control NEVIR NVR7082TTGHD26Original remote control NEVIR NVR7082TTGHD26Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR 7082 TTGHD-26, NVR-7501-22HD-N, NVR 7073 TTGHD 22, NVR 7062 TTGHD 19, TQL 32 V 1 BT 001, G 1032 FULL HD GR, G 3210 GROriginal remote control NEVIR NVR7046TDTG20NOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR7046TDTG20NNot available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR7046-TDT G20N, NVR-7034 TTG 20 N, SUP5305, TQT 01310Original remote control NEVIR RC1900 (30065008)Original remote control NEVIR RC1900 (30065008)Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR750232HDB, NVR750226HDB, NVR750224HDB, NVR750222HDB, NVR750222HDDB, NVR750219HDDB, NVR750219HDB, LT 22 HD 4 WU, ...Original remote control NEVIR Nevir004Original remote control NEVIR Nevir004Not available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR-7200-24HD-B, NVR-7200-24HD-NOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR2316DVDOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR2316DVDNot available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR2316DVD, NVR-2316DVD-U, NVR2323-DVDU, NVR2324DVD-U, NVR 2316Original remote control NEVIR NVR2350DVDOriginal remote control NEVIR NVR2350DVDNot available(see available equivalences)NevirFor NVR2350DVD, NVR2350-DVD-HDUG
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