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Samsung original remote controls

Original remote control SAMSUNG RC 4870 (30085964)Original remote control SAMSUNG RC 4870 (30085964)Available in stock19.51 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions CELED32L0116B3, 32FH153DVD, 10098335 (49278FHDDLED), 10101706 (49287FHDDLED), 10098335 (50FLHMR249BC), ...Original remote control SAMSUNG RC 1912 (30076862)Original remote control SAMSUNG RC 1912 (30076862)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions 24VLM12, L 24 VC-FHTUV, NVR750232HDN-SLIM, NVR7400-32HDN, NVR750220HDN, 19LED8005TD, 22 LED 9100 BK, T50FX182LPS, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250A (BN59-01178B)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250A (BN59-01178B)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor LCD/TFT Televisions UE40H6200AW/XXC, UE40H6200AW, UE55HU7105, UE55HU7105UXXE, UE48H5500AWXXN, UE22H5670SSXZG, UE50H6200AWXZF, UE55HU7100SXZG, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00865AOriginal remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00865ANot available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions 2033HD (2033 HD), LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4WXZG), LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XZG, PS 50 B 430 P 2 WXXC, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250A (BN59-01198Q)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250A (BN59-01198Q)Available in stock49.55 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE32J6300AK (UE32J6300AKXXC), UE40J6200AWXXN, UE40J6300 (UE 40 J 6300), UE48J6370 SUXZG, UE55JU6850, UE40J6200, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG AK59-00104JOriginal remote control SAMSUNG AK59-00104JNot available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor DVD-SH893XEC, AK59-00104J, DVD-SH 893, DVDSH893MXEU SH893M, DVD-SH 895, DVD-SH 897, DVD-SH893/XET, DVDSH893/XEF, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240A (BN59-01175N)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240A (BN59-01175N)Available in stock63.40 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE48JU7000T, UE48JU6500KXZF, UE40H6500SL, UE55JU7505, UE55JU7505TXXE, UE65JU7005, UE65JU7005TXXE, UE65JS9005, UE65JS9005QXXE, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1260A (AA8300655A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1260A (AA8300655A)Available in stock46.28 € (VAT included)SamsungFor LCD/TFT Televisions LE 37 S 73 BD, PS42S5SXXEC, PS 42 D 5 SX/XSG, PS-42D5SXXEC, PS-42D5SX/BWT, PS-42D5SXXTL, PS 42 S 5 S, BN5900471A, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1850A (BN59-01259B)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1850A (BN59-01259B)Available in stock53.18 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE 55 K 6379, UE55K6379SUXZG, UE40KU6409UXZG, UE49K6370SUXZG, UE55KU6500UXZG, UE49KU6509UXZG, UE49K6379SUXZG, UE55KU6400UXZG, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1680A (BN59-01242A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1680A (BN59-01242A)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions UE55KU6670U, UE55KU6670UXZG, UE55KS9000UXRU, UE40KU6459UXZG, UE55KU6640UXZG, UE49KS8080TXZG, UE65KS9000LXXN, UE43KS7500UXXC, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250 (AA59-00581A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1250 (AA59-00581A)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions UE50ES6100, UE32ES6300SXZG, UE40D6200TS, AA 59-00507 A, UE46D6100SWXXC, UE 32 D 4020, UE 40 ES 6570, UE55D6100SWXXC, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-01247AOriginal remote control SAMSUNG BN59-01247AAvailable in stock53.18 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE 43 KU 6000, UE 43 KU 6079, UE43KU6079UXZG, UE55KS8000LXXN, UE40K5679SUXZG, UE65KU6079UXZG, UE55KS7500SXXN, UE49KS8000TXXU, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1750A (BN59-01274A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1750A (BN59-01274A)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions QE65Q6F, UE55MU6172U (UE55MU6172UXXH), UE43MU6170UXZG, UE55MU9000L (UE55MU9000LXXN), UE65MU6202K (UE65MU6202KXXH), ...Original remote control SAMSUNG AK5900079BOriginal remote control SAMSUNG AK5900079BNot available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor SH875 (DVD-SH 875), SH873 (SH-873), DVD-SH873XEC, SH-873, SH-873 (DVD+ USB +HDD), DVDSH875-XEC, DVD-SH 873, DVD-SH 874, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00741A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00741A)Available in stock51.35 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE32F4000AW, UE28F4000AW (UE 28 F 4000 AW), UE46F5000AW/XXC, UE 40 F 5000 AW/XXH, UE 40 F 5000 AW/XXN, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00942AOriginal remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00942ANot available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions LE 32 B 350 F 1 W/XXC, LE26B450C4W (LE 26 B 450 C 4 W), LE26B450C4WXXC, LE26B450C4W (LE26B450C4W XXH), ...Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00939AOriginal remote control SAMSUNG BN59-00939ANot available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions LE 32 B 530 P 7 WXXC, LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5W QUA), LE32B550A5W (LE32B550A5W QXC), LE32B550A5W (LE 32 B 550 A 5 WXXC), ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00786A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00786A)Available in stock53.18 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions UE55F6640SSXXC, UE55F6640SSXZG, UE55F6640SSXXH, UE40F6400, UE46F6500SS, UE50F6400AW, UE 40 F 6500 SS, UE40F6500SSXXC, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1050 (BN59-01014A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM1050 (BN59-01014A)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions LE40C530F1WXXC, LE40C530F1WXZF, LE 37 C 530 F 1 W, BN59-01069A, LE37C530F1WXZG, PS50C550G1WXXC, BN59-01014A, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG TM 1240 (AA59-00602A)Original remote control SAMSUNG TM 1240 (AA59-00602A)Not available(see available equivalences)SamsungFor Televisions PS 51 E 450, UE 40 EH 5000 W / XG, LE32D400E1WXXC, UE 32 EH 4003, UE40D5003BWXXC, UE 40 C 6000 RWXXC, UE 40 C 5100 QWXXC, ...
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