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Replacement remote control L8Y187R | 22.73 € + VAT


Replacement remote control L8Y187R

Reference: L8Y187R
Available in stock
Price without VAT22.73 €
VAT*4.77 €
Final price27.50 €
* It can vary depending on the shipping destination
Shipping to United States: 12.50 € plus VAT (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)

When purchasing the remote, a document will be sent detailing the relationship between the buttons of the original control and those of the replacement remote.


Remote control to replace the original and all its functions. It is not a universal remote but a substitute for the original. You will receive the remote ready to use: you only need to install the batteries. It is not necessary to program it. We offer you our full guarantee that the remote will perform all the functions of the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Akai X64187R Akura AB 280 WS Akura AB320WS Akura X64187R Altus 14 BMT
Altus 14B9TM01SILVERTX Altus 14C1M03 Altus 14C1M04 Altus 14M04S Altus 14M04TXS
Altus 14T56TXS Altus 17011S Altus 17020S Altus 17022S Altus 17024S
Altus 20B9T36TXS Altus 20M05TXS Altus 20M06TXS Altus 20M40S Altus 20T01NXS
Altus 20T58TXS Altus 21B9T34TXS Altus 21B9TG2TXS Altus 21C6TG2 Altus 21M12TXS
Altus 21T45TXS Altus 25C3T06TXS Altus 28B8T28SXS Altus 28T40SXS Altus 33TL6SXS
Altus 8216S Altus A 3701 Altus A 5101 Altus A 5101 B Altus AL14T56TXS
Altus AL20M05TXS Altus AL20T58TXS Altus AL21M12TXS Altus AL21T45TXS Altus AL28T40SXS
Altus AL29T33SXS Altus AL537XS Altus AL551XS Altus AL555XS Altus AL570XS
Altus AL8000 Altus ALM0114XBS Altus ALM1021XB Altus ALM1021XBS Arctic 14 B 9 K 39
Arctic 14T46 Arctic 20 B 9 M 06 Arctic 20 CM 1 Arctic 21 CS 0 Arctic 28 SF 0
Arena CT3750SILVER Arena CT5150 Arena CT5150SILVER Arena X64187R Arçelik 14B9M15S
Arçelik 14T61TXSILVER Arçelik 2057STX Arçelik 20B9T59S Arçelik 21B9T37SILVER Arçelik 21B9T44SILVERTX
Arçelik 21B9T60S Arçelik 21B9T60SILVERTX Arçelik 21C6T31PFTXSILVER Arçelik 21C6T60S Arçelik 21T44TXS
Arçelik 21T60TXS Arçelik 21T95SILVER Arçelik 28BT07S Arçelik TV3037AV Arçelik TV5351AVS
Astra A3704HTS Astra A7002HTS Astra X64187R Audiosonic AG2000 Audiosonic JY2000
Audiosonic KT 9142 MTX Audiosonic KT 9154 MTX Audiosonic KT 9456 MSTX Audiosonic KT 9554 MTX Audiosonic KT7554MTX
Audiosonic KT7656MSTX Audiosonic KT7773MNSTX Audiosonic KT9273MSTX Audiosonic KT9542MTX Audiosonic KT9544MTX
Audiosonic X64187R Bluesky 14WEGAXS Bluesky 21 DM 11 Bluesky BF 2103 Bluesky BF2103BE
Bluesky BK 21 PT Bluesky BK 36 FR Bluesky BK 70 IT Bluesky BK 70 S Bluesky BK 75 S
Bluesky BK14PT Bluesky BK36DT Bluesky BK36IT Bluesky BK36TDT Bluesky BK51DT
Bluesky BK51ES Bluesky BK55 Bluesky BK5505 Bluesky BK55DT Bluesky BK55ES
Bluesky BK55NDT Bluesky BK55PL Bluesky BK55RFES Bluesky BK55RFIT Bluesky BK70ES
Bluesky BK70PL Bluesky BK75BE Bluesky BK75DT Bluesky BK75ES Bluesky BK75GR
Bluesky BK75IT Bluesky BK75SW Bluesky BS 2001 Bluesky BX3704 Bluesky N32000
Bluesky RFL21PT Bluesky TK 7000 Bluesky TK 7000 BE Bluesky TK7000ES Bluesky TK7000IT
Bluesky TK7000PL Bluesky TK8200ES Bluesky TX 20 Bluesky X64187R Bush 1440 T SIL
Bush 1448SIL Bush 1488T Bush 1488TSILXI Bush 1489 TSIL Bush 2038 T-SIL
Bush 2138 TSIL Bush 2140 TSIL Bush 2178NTXSIL Bush 2185TXSIL Bush 2878 NTX SIL
Bush 5105SIL Bush 5165SIL Bush BOX 28 NSIL Bush BOX 56 NSIL Bush BOX 66 NSIL
Bush BOX 76 NSIL Bush BOX21NSIL Bush BOX21TSIL Bush CTV 3486 Bush CTV24W2SIL
Bush CTV28W1SI Bush CTV28W2SIL Bush CTV32W2SIL Bush CTV3482SIL Bush CTV4811SIL
Bush CTV4861SIL Bush CTV6690SIL Bush G2M000 Bush K1S000 Bush R2Y000
Bush RF 6682 Bush RF 6685 VPL Bush RF 6685 VPL SIL Bush RF 7682 VPL Bush RF2185NTXSIL
Bush RF7682 Bush RF7685VPLSIL Bush TB4000 Bush WS 5680 SIL Bush WS 6640 SIL
Bush WS 6680 SIL Bush WS 7680 SIL Bush WS 7680 SIL XI Bush X64187R DCE D 3701
DCE D 5101 DCE D 5560 DCE X64187R Dantax 14MNB1 Dantax 14MNB1SILVER
Dantax 20MNB1 Dantax 20MNB1SILVER Dantax 21MNB1 Dantax 21SNB1 Dantax 28TLB81
Dantax 32SFB1SILVER Dantax C9T000 Dantax GB6000 Dantax MND49 Dantax MND491
Dantax RA3000 Dantax TGD70SILVER Dantax TLB1SILVER Dantax TLD16SILVER Dantax TLD24
Dantax TLD24SILVER Dantax X64187R Dantax X65187R2 Dual DTV21501 Dual TV 5504
Dual TV 8204 Dual TV5544VT Dual TV8244VT Dual X64187R Durabrand 28T67WM
Durabrand TV 702 ST Durabrand TV371 Durabrand TV3732 Durabrand TV511 Durabrand TV5512
Durabrand TV851ST Durabrand X64187R Durabrand X65187R2 Ecron TVP21STB Ecron TVP25STB
Ecron TVPP28STB Ecron TVPP32STB Ecron X64187R Elbe 14 T 9103 Elbe 14E3M39
Elbe 21K2K95 Elbe 21SF104 Elbe 29 SF 904 Elbe 29SF903 Elbe L8Y187R
Elbe PF103 Elbe X64187R Elta EL14M15TXS Elta EL20M05TXS Elta EL21M12TXS
Elta EL21T37TX Elta EL28TL3TXS Elta X64187R Emerson EMV1402TXT Emerson EMV2002TXT
Emerson EMV21ST2 Emerson EMV2802NP Emerson EMV28ST2 Emerson EMV3002NP Emerson X64187R
Emerson X65187R2 Euroline CTV3014X Euroline CTV3020X Euroline CTV3020XSILVER Euroline CTV3021X
Euroline CTV3028X Euroline CTV3028XNSSILVER Euroline CTW5032 Euroline X64187R Europa 20B6M07TXA
Europa X64187R Fenner FTV20SEB Fenner FTV21SEB Finlux 20K08SILVER Finlux 21T95SILVER
Finlux 28SFK18 Finlux EF8000 Finlux EF9000 Finlux EG1000 Finlux EG2000
Finlux FL 37 BK 5 Finlux FL 37 BK 5-2 Finlux FL 37 BK 5-2 S Finlux FL 51 BK 50 Finlux FL 51 BK 50-2
Finlux FL 51 BK 50-2 S Finlux FL 55 BKST Finlux FL 71 BKST-S Finlux FL51BK50-2S Finlux FL55BKTS
Finlux X64187R Firstline BF5605 Firstline BK33ES Firstline BK70ES Firstline BK75S
Firstline FL6302ES Firstline RFL70DT Firstline TK70ES Firstline X64187R Funai 14 A 2112
Funai 14 A 4011 Funai 14 A 4110 Funai 20 A 0811 Funai 21 A 2112 Funai 21 A 9511
Funai 28A9128 Funai 30 AB 928 LW Funai TVC29A6729 Funai X 64187 R Funai X65187R 2
Goodmans 14B9M15SILVER Goodmans 1560 PF Goodmans 32B8T42 Goodmans GTV 76 W 5 SIL Goodmans GTV34T8SIL
Goodmans GTV69W6SIL Goodmans TVG142TN Goodmans TVG142TSL Goodmans TVG142TSLN Goodmans TVG202TN
Goodmans TVG204TSL Goodmans TVG210TS Goodmans TVG210TSLN Goodmans TVG219RTSSL Goodmans TVG282TSSL
Goodmans TVG282TSSLN Goodmans TVG298RTSSL Goodmans TVG325WTSSL Goodmans X64187R Goodmans X65187R2
Graetz GR33BZTL6 Graetz X64187R Horizont 14B9T46 Horizont 14C1T46 Horizont 21B9T44
Horizont 28C3T39 Horizont 32B8T50 Horizont PSDKX1SNTYOK Horizont X64187R Hypson 21PF31
Hypson 55NTAV Hypson 55STA Hypson HY 29 RF Hypson HY 55 XF 31 Hypson HY 72 RF
Hypson X64187R Hyundai 12 F 14 HY Hyundai 14B9T61TXS Hyundai 14M01TXSILVER Hyundai 14M32TXS
Hyundai 14M41TXS Hyundai 14T61TXSILVER Hyundai 20B9T59TXS Hyundai 20K09TXS Hyundai 20M14TXSILVER
Hyundai 20T59TXS Hyundai 21B9T60TXS Hyundai 21C6T32SXS Hyundai 21K12TXS Hyundai 21M10XS
Hyundai 21T31PFTXS Hyundai 21T60TXS Hyundai 21T96TXS Hyundai 28 B 8 TL 2 NX Hyundai 28B8T47SXS
Hyundai 28T92TXS Hyundai 33TL6VIRTUALDOLBY Hyundai X64187R Ingelen F5U000 Ingelen F5W000
Ingelen F5X000 Ingelen HB372VELDEN Ingelen HB372WIESEN Ingelen HB373AVELDEN/AV Ingelen HB373AWIESEN/AV
Ingelen HB512TXTGMUNDEN Ingelen HB513AGMUNDEN/AV Ingelen HB552LEOBEN Ingelen HB553AFUGEN Ingelen HB553ALINZ
Ingelen HB554AFUGEN Ingelen HB554ALINZAV Ingelen HB712LIEZEN Ingelen L8Y187R Ingelen X64187R
Irradio X64187R Irradio X65187R2 Irradio XTC 1470 Irradio XTC 1471 Irradio XTC 2070
Irradio XTC 2170 Irradio XTC 2180 PS Iskra 14M02TX Iskra NR21T29TX Iskra TV28T07STX
Iskra X64187R Iskra X65187R2 Kendo K14TX Kendo K21TH Kendo X64187R
Kendo X645187R2 Lifetec LT40275S Lifetec LT40301S Lifetec X64187R Magnum TV 7080
Magnum TV3702VT Magnum TV3741VT Magnum TV5542VTSTEREO Magnum TV7090VTSTEREO Magnum UE9000
Magnum X64187R Magnum X65187R2 Mark TVB2058TXT Mark TVB2844NT Mark X35187R2
Mark X64187R Medion 21K40SILVER Medion E4T000 Medion MD 20207 A Medion MD 40275-S
Medion MD 40855 Medion MD21006 Medion MD40855-S Medion RCMOD Medion X64187R
Melectronic MTS2005UN135 Melectronic MTS2020UN135 Melectronic MTS2103UN135 Melectronic MTS2104UN135 Melectronic MTS2105UN135
Melectronic MTS2804UN135 Melectronic MTS2805UN135 Melectronic X64187R Mirage MIR14M32TLXSILVER Mirage MIR20K06TLXSILVER
Mirage MIR21T93TLXSILVER Mirage X64187R Mirage X65187R2 Neckermann 5007S Neckermann 5011S
Neckermann 5017S Neckermann X64187R Neckermann X65187R2 Neo TV1442TX Neo TV1477TX
Neo TV2077TX Neo TV2164TXFS Neo TV2177TX Neo X64187R Neo X65187R2
Nikkai MZ21FL Nikkai X64187R Nikkei N 628 Nikkei NTV141M Nikkei NTV21SPF
Nikkei X64187R NordMende HH8000 NordMende MC5000 NordMende NMC 1480 SE NordMende NR28
NordMende NR33 NordMende NTV1402T NordMende NTV2103T NordMende X64187R NordMende X65187R2
Pacific AP 3210 WNS Pacific PTV2104T Palladium 6025S Palladium TVB10720S Palladium TVB5020S
Palladium X64187R Panavision 14T56TX Panavision 14T61TXSILVER Panavision 21T45TXSILVER Panavision 21T60SILVER
Panavision 21T60TXA Panavision X64187R Phocus 20S Phocus 42PEB43 Phocus CRT 14-S
Phocus E8S000 Phocus L8Z187R Phocus PDP 42 PTE Phocus X64187R Phocus X65187R2
Playsonic 14 M 03 TXS Playsonic 14B7M03 Playsonic 14E3M32 Playsonic 14M03 Playsonic 14M03M
Playsonic 14M32M Playsonic 14T61TXM Playsonic 20 T 01 TXS Playsonic 20E4T59 Playsonic 20T59TXM
Playsonic 21T32NXM Playsonic 21T60TXM Playsonic 25T06NXM Playsonic 28 T 07 NXM Playsonic 28T27NXM
Playsonic 28T47NXM Playsonic 32T10NXM Playsonic L8Y187R Playsonic PL14M03 Playsonic PLSC20S
Playsonic PSEX-14 S Playsonic PSEX20S Playsonic PSEX21PFS Playsonic PSEX28NS Playsonic PSEX28WS
Playsonic PSEXB14S Playsonic PSEXB20S Playsonic PSEXB21PFS Playsonic X64187R Playsonic X65187R2
Princess TV2121SILVERTLX Princess TV2831SILVERSTTLX Princess X64187R Princess X65187R2 Proline G1560PF
Proline S 2160 PF Proline S1560PF Proline X64187R Prosonic 14M04TDBLACK Prosonic 14M04TDSILVER
Prosonic 14T61SILVER Prosonic 20M14TD Prosonic 20M14TDSILVER Prosonic 20T59SILVER Prosonic 20T59STEREO
Prosonic 20T59TX Prosonic 21M10SILVER Prosonic 21T02SILVER Prosonic 21T60SILVER Prosonic 21T60STEREOSILVER
Prosonic 21T95SILVER Prosonic 21TG1STEREO Prosonic 25T06SILVER Prosonic 28T05NSILVER Prosonic 28T27NSILVER
Prosonic 28T40NSILVER Prosonic 28T47NSILVER Prosonic 28T8816 Prosonic 28T88SILVER Prosonic 32T10NSILVER
Prosonic CJ1000 Prosonic EK8000 Prosonic EM2000 Prosonic FJ4000 Prosonic J7U000
Prosonic PZ8000 Prosonic X64187R Roadstar CTV 1412 XTS Roadstar CTV 1434 KT / S Roadstar CTV 1434 KT / SN
Roadstar CTV 1434 LT / S Roadstar CTV 1434 T / SN Roadstar CTV 1434 T-S Roadstar CTV 1434 TH / S Roadstar CTV 2020 XT / S
Roadstar CTV 2036 T Roadstar CTV 2134 KT / SN Roadstar CTV 2134 T / SN Roadstar CTV 2134 TS / S Roadstar CTV 2137 T / S
Roadstar CTV 2182 RTS / S Roadstar CTV 2834 KTN / C Roadstar CTV 2834 KTN / S Roadstar CTV 2835 TS / S Roadstar CTV 2854 WKTN
Roadstar CTV 2854 WTS / S Roadstar CTV 3234 WKTN Roadstar CTV 3234 WTS / S Roadstar CTV13434TS Roadstar CTV1412XTNS
Roadstar CTV1436T Roadstar CTV2034KTSN Roadstar CTV2134KT / S Roadstar CTV2134LT / S Roadstar CTV2134T / S
Roadstar CTV2135TS Roadstar CTV2136T Roadstar CTV2137TSN Roadstar CTV2811KTNNS Roadstar CTV2811XTSNS
Roadstar CTV2834TS / S Roadstar CTV2850WTSS Roadstar CTV2980RTSS Roadstar CTV3311XKTNS Roadstar CTV33XTSS
Roadstar DH4000 Roadstar NZ4000 Roadstar X 64187 R Roadstar X65187R2 Sound Color 14M40TXS
Sound Color 20K08S Sound Color 21T45NXS Sound Color 21T95NXS Sound Color 21TG2NXS Sound Color 28T91NXS
Sound Color X64187R Sound Color X65187R2
This remote control performs all the functions of the original remote control:
Power, P100, REV, DOUB, HOLD, SUB, UPDATE, MIX, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, AV, - / --, Mute, TV / Txt, Menu, Up / P +, Down / P -, Right / Vol +, Left / Vol -, OK, SWP, 16:9, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Picture, Audio, PP

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Frequently asked questions
Can I use the remote control for other devices?
The remote control can be used for other devices, but first it has to be reprogrammed for thouse devices. Once it has been sent, to reprogram it, you need a special program and cable.
How can I know which keys of the replacement remote control perform the functions of the original remote?
When we send the remote control, we also send a document with the correspondence of the keys between the replacement and the original remote controls which allows you to know how to perform the functions of the original remote. Sometimes it is available on the web so you can download it.

What is the Shift key on the replacement remote used for?
The Shift key allows you to double the number of functions that the replacement remote control can perform. For example, pressing Shift followed by the Power key (Shift + Power) performs a different function than when you press the Power key directly.
Not all the remotes need to use the Shift key, only those that due to their large number of keys can not execute all the functions with direct keys.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions, even when the original remote controls several devices. In the replacement remote we can program the fields of different devices (TV, DVD, SAT and AUX), this way we can include all the functions of the original remote control. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
If I buy the remote, do I have to do something else or it directly works without entering any code?
The remote will work by just putting the batteries on.
Customer reviews
February 2022
Great seller ! arrived in 1 week. Well packaged and works as intended.
January 2022
excellent service, will recommend this company to my friends.
September 2022
This is the place! Got my remote quickly!
United States
January 2022
My remote was delivered in 2 weeks to my UK address and works great on the TEAC cassette deck I ordered it for. I'd definitely use MANDIS again if I need a custom remote control .
United Kingdom
November 2022
Works perfectly, thank you.
United Kingdom
July 2021
Really impressed with this remote and I am thinking of ordering another one next week. Thank you Mandis
United Kingdom
March 2022
Everything was OK.
May 2022
Thank you for the fast and correct delivery within the specified time. The remote for my deck TEAC V 5010 works with it and I am very pleased! Your team is great. I wish you success! Greetings from Bulgaria! Chavdar
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