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Fill in the apparatus' model or the remote's reference for filtering the results

Targa original remote controls

Original remote control TARGA DRH5200XOriginal remote control TARGA DRH5200XNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor DRH-5200 XOriginal remote control TARGA T2250VOriginal remote control TARGA T2250VNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor LT2210DTV, LT 2210 TNT, LT 2220, LT2220DTV, LT 2210, LT 3220, LT 4010, LT 3210Original remote control TARGA DRH5600XOriginal remote control TARGA DRH5600XAvailable in stock38.85 € (VAT included)TargaFor DRH-5600XOriginal remote control TARGA R3010Original remote control TARGA R3010Not available(see available equivalences)TargaFor LT3010, LT 3230, R 3010Original remote control TARGA RC48PDPOriginal remote control TARGA RC48PDPNot available(see available equivalences)TargaOriginal remote control TARGA 600046Original remote control TARGA 600046Not available(see available equivalences)TargaOriginal remote control TARGA DPV5400XOriginal remote control TARGA DPV5400XNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor DPV-5400 X, DPV-5600XOriginal remote control TARGA VISIONARYLT1910DVDOriginal remote control TARGA VISIONARYLT1910DVDNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor VISIONARY LT1910 DVDOriginal remote control TARGA DRH-5400 XOriginal remote control TARGA DRH-5400 XNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor DRH-5400XOriginal remote control TARGA HC-5100XOriginal remote control TARGA HC-5100XNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor HC-5100 XOriginal remote control TARGA DRH-5500 XOriginal remote control TARGA DRH-5500 XNot available(see available equivalences)TargaFor DRH-5500 XPhoto not availableOriginal remote control TARGA RC1173943Not available(see available equivalences)TargaPhoto not availableOriginal remote control TARGA DRH-5000Not available(see available equivalences)TargaOriginal remote control TARGA LT2010EOriginal remote control TARGA LT2010ENot availableTargaFor LT2010EOriginal remote control TARGA LT3230Original remote control TARGA LT3230Not availableTarga

Replacement Targa remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Targa SEC3444Replacement remote control Targa SEC3444Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)TargaFor LT3010, R 3010Replacement remote control Targa HVS54084Replacement remote control Targa HVS54084Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)TargaFor LT3010, VISIONARYLT3210 (LT3210), LT 3230Replacement remote control Targa ZRW3875Replacement remote control Targa ZRW3875Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)TargaFor LT 2210, LT 2220, LT 3210, LT 3220, LT 4010, LT2210DTV, LT2220DTVReplacement remote control Targa 5C7-090-049000Replacement remote control Targa 5C7-090-049000Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)TargaFor 5C7-090-049000Replacement remote control Targa 60-0046Replacement remote control Targa 60-0046Available in stock26.50 € (VAT included)TargaFor 60-0046
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